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Anna university phd syllabus 2016
Anna University 


Anna university phd syllabus 2016



PCE1011 Urban Engineering
PCE1012 Transportation Engineering
PCE1021 Structural Engineering
PCE1022 Computer Aided Structural Engineering
PCE1023 Computer Methods and Applications in Structural Engineering
PCE1031 Construction Engineering
PCE1032 Construction Engineering and Management
PCE1033 Infrastructure Engineering
PCE1034 Advanced Construction Technology
PCE1035 Architectural Construction
PCE1043 Rock Engineering and Underground Structures
PCE1044 Environmental Geotechnology
PCE1051 Environmental Engineering
PCE1061 Environmental Management
PCE1071 Ecology and Environment
PSH7011 Environment Science
PCE1081 Water Resources Engineering
PCE1082 Irrigation Water Management
PSH7021 Agriculture
PCE1091 Coastal Management
PCE1092 Coastal Engineering
PCE1093 Ocean Engineering
PSH7031 Marine Science
PSH7032 Ocean Science and Technology
PME2024 Internal Combustion Engineering
PME2024 Internal Combustion Engineering
PME2041 Welding Engineering
PME2031 Manufacturing Systems Management
PME2032 Lean Manufacturing
PME2033 Project Management
PME2051 Materials Engineering
PME2052 Metallurgy Engineering
PME2061 Industrial Engineering
PME2071 Quality Engineering & Management
PME2081 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
PME2082 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
PME2091 Printing and Packaging Technology
PME2101 Mechatronics
PME2111 Production Engineering
PME2112 Manufacturing Engineering
PME2121 Aeronautical Engineering
PME2122 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
PME2131 Aerospace Technology
PME2141 Avionics
PME2151 Automobile Engineering
PME2152 Automotive Engineering
PME2153 Automotive Materials And Manufacturing
PME2161 Mining Engineering
PEE3011 Power Systems Engineering
PEE3012 Electrical and Electronics Engineering
PEE3013 Electrical Energy System
PEE3021 High Voltage Engineering
PEE3061 Power Engineering and Management
PIC4011 VLSI Design
PIC4012 Applied Electronics Engineering
PIC4013 Electronics and Communication Engineering
PIC4021 Medical Electronics
PIC4022 Biomedical Engineering
PIC4031 Advanced Communication System
PIC4032 Digital Communication and Network Engineering
PIC4033 Optical Communication
PIC4034 Wireless Communication
PIC4035 Communication Systems
PIC4036 Networking Technology
PIC4037 Electronics Engineering
PIC4038 Computer and Communication
PIC4041 Computer Science and Engineering
PIC4042 Software Engineering
PIC4043 Information Technology
PIC4044 Distributed Computing System
PIC4045 Advanced Computing
PIC4046 Pervasive Computing
PIC4047 Main Frame Technology
PIC4048 System Engineering and Operations Research
PIC4051 Multimedia Technology
PSH7041 Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
PTE5011 Chemical Engineering
PTE5012 Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering
PTE5021 Process Design
PSH7051 Agro Chemistry
PTE5041 Industrial Safety Engineering
PTE5042 Fire Engineering and Safety Management
PTE5061 Apparel Technology
PTE5062 Fashion Technology
PTE5071 Ceramic Technology
PTE5081 Leather Technology
PTE5091 Footwear Science and Engineering
PTE5101 Biotechnology/ Industrial Biotechnology
PTE5102 Microbial Technology
PTE5103 Pharmaceutical Technology
PTE5104 Biopharmaceutical Technology
PTE5105 Bioinformatics
PSH7061 Biotechnology
PSH7062 Bio Engineering
PSH7063 Molecular Biology
PSH7064 Human Genetic
PSH7065 Genomics
PSH7066 Biomedical Science
PSH7067 Biomedical Instrumentation Science
PSH7068 Biochemistry
PSH7069 Molecular Virology
PSH70610 Bioinformatics
PSH70611 Pharmaceutical Technology
PSH7071 Microbiology
PSH7072 Botany
PSH7073 Applied Plant Science
PSH7074 Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology
PSH7075 Zoology
PTE5111 Food Technology
PTE5112 Food Processing
PTE5113 Food And Nutritional Biotechnology
PTE5114 Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering
PSH7191 Food Chemistry and Food Processing
PTE5121 Nano Science and Nano Technology
PTE5131 Plastic Technology
PTE5132 Rubber and Plastics Technology
PTE5133 Polymer Technology
PAP6011 Digital Architecture
PAP6012 Landscape Architecture
PAP6013 General Architecture
PAP6021 Town and Country Planning
PSH7081 Electronic Media
PSH7082 Visual Communication
PSH7083 Communication
PSH7084 Mass Communication
PSH7085 Journalism
PSH7086 Media Arts
PSH7091 Mathematics
PSH7092 Applied Mathematics
PSH7101 Computer Science
PSH7102 Information Technology
PSH7111 Physics
PSH7112 Astrophysics
PIC4061 Laser and Electro Optical Engineering
PSH7121 Materials Science
PSH7131 Medical Physics
PSH7141 Biophysics
PSH7151 Chemistry
PSH7152 Applied Chemistry Organic Chemistry
PSH7153 Industrial Chemistry
PSH7154 Polymer Chemistry
PSH7171 Geology
PSH7172 Applied Geology
PSH7181 English
PSH7182 Linguistics
PMS8011 Master of Business Administration with any specialisation

M.S. (By Research)

MCE111 Civil Engineering
MCE121 Geoinformatics
MME111 Mechanical Engineering
MME121 Aeronautical Engineering
MEE121 Control Systems Engineering
MEE122 Instrumentation Engineering
MIC121 Computer Science and Engineering
MIC122 Information Technology
MTE111 Chemical Engineering
MTE121 Leather Technology
MTE131 Biotechnology
MTE141 Rubber and Plastics Technology
MTE142 Polymer Technology
MTE551 Ceramic Technology
MAP111 Architecture

Anna university phd syllabus 2016 
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